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Learn about progressive glasses and why they're right for you

What are progressive lenses?

Our progressive readers are specifically designed with a gradient lens.

The bottom half of the lens holds your desired reading prescription, and the top half of the lens is correction-free.

  • Seamlessly switch your focus from books or screens to objects that are further away

  • Gradual lens without any harsh bifocal line

  • Just 1-2 weeks to adjust to your new pair

Why are progressive lenses right for you?

Our progressive readers are a perfect choice if you if you need near-sight correction, but can see things in the distance well. Get the benefits of both reading correction and normal distance sight, in one stylish yet practical pair of glasses!

Progressive lenses FAQ

Advantages of progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are convenient because wearers only need one pair of glasses for everything - say goodbye to constantly removing your favourite frames. There is also no distracting bifocal line.

Disadvantages of progressive lenses

Progressive lenses can sometimes make wearers feel a bit dizzy or headachey when they first start wearing them, however these side effects will dissapear once the eyes have adjusted to the lens.

How long does it take to adjust to progressive lenses?

Most people adjust to progressive reading glasses in a few days, while others may take a 1-2 weeks. The more you wear your new pair, the quicker the adjustment will be. Our seamless design makes it easier than ever for first time users to adjust.

How do I choose the right frames for progressive lenses?

We have selected the best frames for our progressive collection, however, frame size is worth considering as certain frame styles will work better for progressive lenses, depending on your face shape. For the best progressive glasses experience, we recommend you to choose frames that are at least 28mm tall.

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